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Happy Father Day 2020 Images, Quotes, Wishes & Wallpapers

Father’s day is one of the greatest days and is celebrated on third Sunday of June every year in the United States. At start, this day was brought by Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America, where it is still organized on March 19. This year, father’s day 2020 will be held on June 16, 2020 in many countries. However, it is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, commonly in the months of March, April and June. This day is celebrated in the honor of all the contributions and efforts that a father can make for his children.

It’s always good to let your father know that how much you love and appreciated him.  Even when a span of 24 hours is not enough to explain his efforts. He is the second personality in the world after mother who does not feel jealousy from your achievements but always wish him great prosperity in our life. In the days and weeks before this day, many schools help their pupils for the preparation or design of a handmade card or small gifts for their fathers. People present their fathers with greeting cards and gifts on this day or they take them out for a meal in a good restaurant.

Father’s Day Quotes 2020

Father’s day quotes are shared by people with their dads or someone they consider as father figures. These quotes are presented by some great personalities from all over the world. Each of the quotes has its own way of admiring their dads. You can even use any of these for your father when you are with them in a restaurant on this day. Many people can write these quotes over a card and present it to them when they are waiting for their son or daughter in an old school on this day.

If you are far away from your dad or cannot access him directly on father’s day then you might be able to share these Happy Father’s day 2020 Quotes with him on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter or any other platform which is commonly used by your dad. These quotes will make him happy and realize that how much he is important for you in your life.

Father’s Day Wishes 2020

Whenever father’s day comes, people wish their dads and father figures on this day through different ways. As your dad has been working for you day and night, arranges for you all that you desire. Now it’s time to surprise him with a smiling wish. No matter, he is getting old as the time is passing but it does not mean that you forget all the sacrifices made by him. It’s time to admire all of his efforts that he made for you and to make it clear with a wish that no one else could do that.

Happy New Year 2020 Wishes

As your dad is the only personality who burns his midnight oil by working hard just to turn your dreams into reality so it’s time to make him happy after wishing him and showing a lot of respect. These wishes clearly reveal that the care and respect for your dad is not limited to just this day within a year but it’s only the time to express all those feelings and emotions clearly. These Father’s day 2020 happy wishes will make his day!

Father’s Day Images 2020

One of the common ways to wish your dad on this day is by sharing with him an image, wallpaper or an old photograph that clearly reveals the importance of this day. As a picture is sometimes a brief way to describe the whole feelings in a very short time so people prefer to greet their father on this day with an image or wallpaper. You can also use any of these Father’s day 2020 images with your dads to wish them in a good way.

Happy New Year 2020 images

Happy Father Day Pics Wallpapers 

Many of these Father’s day pics & wallpapers would be liked by your dad. As a result, they can set these images as wallpaper in their handset or any other device all over the year. The result of this little effort made on this day will surprise you a lot. Not only it will bring smile on your dad’s face but they will get a real happiness every time when taking a look over it.


Happy Mothers Day Wishes Messages & Quotes for Moms

Happy Mother’s Day wishes: ‘Mother’ is the form of purity that has been created by God. She takes care of her children with all the love she can pour in. She is a person who will always be there when you need to share your joys and sorrows. She is the only person who can understand the situation you are standing in, without judging you and taking you out of the worst situation.

No matter how much pain you give to her, she will always be the first person to cherish you in each and every circumstance. She will be angry at first, but then will guide you and lead you to the right path. She will always be present for guiding you the correct direction and solving your problems.

There is no human form that a mother cannot take, for example, a mother is a cook, a teacher, a mentor, a friend, our supporter, our guide, and everything we can think of. On this special day, we will suggest you some quotes to make her day amazing.

You can show her how special she is for you by dedicating Mother’s Day wishes and quotes to your mother. You can make her feel special by sending her Mother’s Day wishes in a very special way.

  1. “Happy Mother’s Day! U’re the most special woman in my heart now and 4ever. Love always…
  2. “There are not enough hugs in this world and not enough kisses 2 allow me 2 show U how much I love U – Happy Mother’s Day!…
  3. “I could bring U flowers, I could give U gifts, but nothing in this world can truly show U the love I care 4 U. Happy Mother’s Day!…

Happy Mothers Day Wishes Messages

  1. Thank you for always being there, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!
  2. Wishing you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve. I hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day!
  3. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for looking after us so well, I know it’s not always easy! We love you!
  4. Thanks for giving me the best things in life: Your love, your care, and your cooking. Happy Mother’s Day!
  5. Happy Mother’s day to the best mom ever. I love you to the moon and back again!
  6. Mom…. You’re the best! Thanks for all you do. Happy Mother’s Day!

Funny Happy Mothers Day Wishes

Brighten your mom’s day by choosing one of these funny happy mother’s day messages to write in her card!

  1. I’m so lucky to have you as my mother… I’m sure no one else would have put up with me this long. Happy Mothers Day!
  2. Only a mother as perfect as you… could have a (daughter/son) as perfect as me. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Mom, I got all my best qualities from you. Aren’t we lucky that you had enough for both of us?

  4. Happy Mother’s day to a woman who deserves a medal… for putting up with me all these years!

  5. Mom, I know it’s hard for you on Mother’s Day… to hide the fact that I’m your *favorite* child. Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Mom, thanks for putting up with a spoiled, ungrateful, messy, bratty child like my sibling. Happy Mothers Day!
    (Haha I love this one – I saw it on a funny mug on amazon)

  7. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Love, your *favorite* child.

  8. Mom, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. Don’t worry about [brother’s name], I know he isn’t your fault, he must be adopted.

  9. Thanks for letting me be a parasite in your body for 9 months… followed by another 18 years as a parasite outside your body.

  10. Don’t you think it’s funny that you’re still my mother? You deserve to have been promoted by now!

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